Drone-based internet.

Cellular on Wheels (COW) systems have remained the standard for temporary low-cost telecommunications infrastructure for the past several decades. Despite their prevalence, current COW systems suffer from substantial design problems that make them difficult to deploy. Particularly, these systems tend to be very expensive and lack portability.

Spooky Action is working with a large international telecommunications company to bring that concept to the 21st century, and deploy it in developing markets. We're developing a reliable, low cost, and ultraportable telecommunications system based on Spooky Action’s tethered drone technology. We call it Telelift.

"It's like balloon-based internet, except it actually works" -Us

Key Features

Flight Time

Telelift is able to remain airborne for several weeks in a stationary position.


Telelift is the most portable temporary communications platform in it's class. Traditional systems fit in trailers. You can fit Telelift in the back of a car.


Telelift is a fraction of the cost of traditional COW systems.