Introducing the Superfly Tether System

Superfly is Spooky Action's flagship tethered drone system. It is compatible with existing commercial drones, including the DJI M200/M210 and Inspire 2.

Superfly revolutionizes how you can use a drone. While existing drone systems can only fly for 30-40 minutes, the Superfly enables endurance flight times.

Superfly requires no permanent modification to an existing drone. It can be installed in seconds and easily swapped for a battery for untethered flight.

Additionally, power loss is de-risked with integrated battery backup.

Compatible Drones

  • DJI M200/M210/Inspire 2
  • Yuneec H520/H920
  • Most Custom Drones

Superfly's Ground Station is key to enabling secure endurance flight.

The system supplies power to the tether and automatically adjusts the length of deployed tether to match the altitude and position of the drone with no user adjustments necessary.

It requires a 3KW power source and can be powered from a mobile command center, satellite truck, generator, or any AC power source.

The system is also highly portable, and can be easily checked into a commercial flight or stored in the back of a car.